The Serendipitous Trip to Just Right

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Some of their journeys sprang from loss, others from a thirst for adventure. From snaking through the Amazon jungle to riding horseback in the desert, they all found something they were looking for, and something unexpected, along the way. I hope they do the same for you. For Vienna, a travel guide written by my friend, Haley, recommended the following: Walk along the Danube at night, to the graffiti-splattered walkway where people of all ages drink champagne out of plastic cups and listen to music.

Eat cake for breakfast and laze away hours in coffee shops.

The Serendipitous Trip to Just Right by Chester Randolph | | Booktopia

Nap in parks. Buy lots of chocolate.

For Budapest, she wrote to run up Gellert Hill for the best views of the city, drink coffee with ice cream, loiter in historic squares and crowd-surf at bars. Eat more cake. The most important thing, she wrote, was to be open.


Sri Lanka – Flavours of Serendipity

Traveling alone was bizarre and serendipitous, she wrote. Just go with it.

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Last summer, I spent two weeks in Vienna and Budapest, following what Haley had written four years earlier. In the summer of , we had both backpacked around Europe to write for a student travel guide. Though we were far apart, I felt closer to her than ever before.

The Serendipitous Trip to Just Right

We shared stories of loneliness, fear, anxiety, frustration. We fawned over the beautiful landscapes we saw. Everything was new. We felt lucky. One afternoon in mid-July that summer, while hiking with friends in southern Germany, Haley slipped and fell into a whirlpool. The next evening, I learned she had drowned.

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I wanted to eat what she ate. I wanted, somehow, to remember how I had felt that first time in Europe. I met friends she had made on her journey, and made friends of my own. I visited her favorite Budapest bars and tried her preferred Viennese ice cream. I immediately saw a connection to this post, which was still in draft form.

So I added this story to the post.


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Our First Serendipitous Experience Together

Also thank you for writing about another product of ours, if you have any suggestions on them, we will be all ears. They probably got me a bit drunk.

The Serendipitous Trip to Just Right

One of them in particular seemed to adopt me. He worked in the Italian Embassy in Berlin, and was on home leave. I can still recall his account of how alien life was for him as an Italian in Germany -- how pedestrians stood motionless at red lights, even in the middle of the night, with no traffic within miles. He grew indignant as he described it; to him, it epitomized the irreconcilable gap between two cultures, underlining the joy he felt to be back in the anarchic spontaneity of his home.

In that moment in Pierluigi's Restaurant, I learned that I was not the only one to feel displaced; that by clarifying what really matters to you, displacement has its virtues; and that to be displaced in Italy could be very lovely indeed. I also felt as if I had peeked, if only momentarily, into someone else's soul.

That's a lot to happen over pasta and Chianti. I remember walking back along the Tiber to my pension, more contentedly now, on that late autumnal evening. And suddenly seeing him in the distance, standing on one of the bridges, waving at me. View on timesmachine.