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As much as I love Session, it still needs a ton of work. I'd like to see more environments and proper tutorials, and I'm desperate for cleaner animations and refined controls. The UI is hard to parse in some instances and player collision bugs out on the rare occasion. Multiplayer is a necessity in the long term and, a personal request: I'm gonna need to hear some bones crunch when my skater hits the floor, maybe a whispered "oh fuck" from somewhere just off-screen.

Survival Through Skateboarding

Session's Early Access launch state is still a hearty proof of concept. The controls work, painful as they are at first, and every marquee feature is implemented and functional, an easy recommendation for skateboarding enthusiasts who like a challenge.

Session reminds me of skating as a teen in a town without a skatepark. You have to get creative, start looking at municipal buildings and massive parking lots as opportunities. Session's first environment isn't built like a Tony Hawk level. There's a lot of empty space, or at least 'uninteresting' space, broken up by stairs, picnic tables, hedges, and a few small structures.

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At first, I only skated what was easy and obvious, tooling around in the parking lot and attempting simple grinds on low curbs as I did in my early days of skateboarding. Learning the ropes.

People With Amazing Skateboarding Tricks! (Skaters)

An hour in, with the ollie, a few basic flips, and rotations somewhat figured out, and I start seeing lines. Can I ollie over a traffic cone?

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Kickflip to on this handrail? More aspirationally, if I sprint, leap onto my board, ollie onto this flat concrete structure bridging the pond, can I build enough speed to hit the gap? Well, I can hit it, but I can't make it. I got close after about 20 minutes and I never get tired of rubbery ragdoll bails, but I'll return another day.

I find a few more lines and actually make something of them. A helpful spawn tool lets me mark a spot and teleport back to it from anywhere to save time setting up for a line over and over. My first somewhat cool line just involves two kickflips and a rotation over some small garden features. I didn't leap up and run around the block, but I sure scared the piss out of my cat with a boisterous "hell yeah.

Sometimes a line needs a little help to actually become a line. Session's object placement tool is a stand-in for a skater's usual resourcefulness, allowing the placement of rudimentary ramps and rails with a single button press. I set up ramps near picnic tables, practicing simple flips into manuals for a while. A traffic cone in the parking lot helps me practice higher ollies and takes me back to my early days of skating yet again, when an ollie over a crack in the sidewalk felt like clearing the Grand Canyon.

But once you nail something worth sharing, Session also has a built-in replay and clip-editing feature available at the press of another button. It allows you to scrub through the recent action and capture tricks from any angle with a suite of camera tools.

I'm desperate for a fisheye lens and other visual filters, but what's there is a proof of concept. Making rad skate videos is as integral to the learning process in Session and skating culture at large, a seamless tool for showcasing your skills. Half of my time playing Session has been capturing those hard-earned lines in style, assembling them into rough montages set to loud music.