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Some readers may find it hard to get past these. I love the Frost books- and enjoyed this one BUT there is reference to smoking on almost every page. We know he smokes and is fine to mention it but nearly every page? Email address:. He promised on a past DP to run naked along Whitehall if Lib Dem numbers were slashed in the general election.

We have reminded him of the pledge before, but did blogger Stephen Tall deliver? Here's his film on Wednesday's DP. RSS Feed. Wingfield by Stephen Tall on August 2, Enjoy reading this? Please like and share:. One comment. Leave your comment Name Required. Email Required. I've enjoyed each of them, but this one is the highlight of the first four offerings. It is Frost at his best, eschewing rules and his superiors' commands when they stand in his way of solving a crime, particularly when there are lives at stake.

Even so, or perhaps due to his unorthodoxy, Frost is respected by those of lesser ranks. While his methods may be outside the rule book, it is difficult to argue with his success rate I'm reading R. While his methods may be outside the rule book, it is difficult to argue with his success rate -- even though he often lets others take credit for those solutions. This is a tightly plotted story that is very much character-driven. Feb 05, Brandon rated it liked it Shelves: detective-books , , fiction. For a town with so much crime, they certainly have a hard time staffing their police force.

This time around, Denton is subject to some gruesome occurrences. Detectives are trying to track down a missing child believed to be the bait in a blackmail scam while elsewhere, infants are being stabbed in the comfort of their own cribs.

Just like in previous Inspector For a town with so much crime, they certainly have a hard time staffing their police force. Just like in previous Inspector Frost novels, Wingfield has Frost doing the work of many.

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This could be due to the fact that the Denton Police Department is so wretchedly understaffed or it could be that Frost simply has nothing better to do. For a man that seems to hate most of the people he works with, he can rarely be found doing anything else. In the first three books, Frost was insufferable to say the least. He disliked most of his co-workers and worked hard to make life miserable for his boss, Chief Superintendent Mullett. This time around, he not only annoys all of those around him but he also succeeded in irritating me. Sure, he eventually gets the job done but is the aggravation worth it in the end?

Cross posted on Every Read Thing View 1 comment. Oct 31, Jenn rated it it was amazing Shelves: cover-to-cover. I love me some Mr Frost. What a shame there were so few books completed before Wingfield passed away. Frost is a most enjoyable character. He's like a raunchy Columbo from England. This time there seemed less mysteries and murders to solve but somehow he manages it.

It must be partly due to his excellent team. And partly to dumb luck. On a different note, I swear the baby picture on this cover is used in the beginning cast roll call for Call The Midwife. Nov 28, Bill rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-british , police. I've now read three books in the DI Frost series and have enjoyed them all very much. Frost is a bit of an anachronism, a throwback who relies on his gut-instinct more than fancy technological investigative techniques. His boss, Mr Mullet, who is shallow and sychophantic, hates Frost, hates his scruffiness, his off-colour humour and his laziness towards doing paperwork and his habit of bending the rules, will do anything to get rid of Frost.

But Frost has this habit of coming out on top each and I've now read three books in the DI Frost series and have enjoyed them all very much. But Frost has this habit of coming out on top each and every time, seeming to stumble into the solutions to his cases. And Frost is well-loved by the rank and file in the Denton police station. In Hard Frost, Frost is supposed to be on vacation. But he comes in to the station to steal some of Mullet's fancy cigarettes and due to various circumstances ends up deeply involved in a number of cases occurring at the same time; a kidnapping, breaking and enterings, a missing boy.

Due to manning shortages he must also cope with an Acting DI who is brought in from another division, a man with a deep grudge against Frost. But through it all, Frost stumbles on, working every case, getting no sleep, offending Mullet and in the end.. Excellent story. I will have to find the remaining books in this series, it's been most enjoyable.

May 06, Nanosynergy rated it liked it Shelves: read , fiction , series , reviewed , mysteries-thrillers-espionage , british , fictions. Inspector Frost is much disliked by his boss Commander Mullett who would be very pleased to see him transferred elsewhere. But the crude, insubordinate Frost solves the crimes - not that Mullett would like to openly give him the credit for. In Hard Frost , Frost investigates the murder of three children, apparently by their mother, who then kills herself.

But is this what really happened? And this book certainly lived up to my expectations in terms of the complexity of the crimes and the difficulties faced by Frost in solving them. A young boy is found murdered, a teenage girl is picked up, naked, by the side of the road after a kidnapping, a family of three children and their mother are found dead and Frost is facing the normal amount of adversity as he tries to bring each case to its conclusion.

However, there were two things I was disappointed with which I had perhaps been spoilt by with the TV series. The first was Frost himself. Although he's a bit scruffy and he doesn't follow the rules, David Jason's Frost still has something gentlemanly about him. The Frost in the novel is frankly disgusting. I know he is a product of his time, but his clothes went beyond scruffy to utterly filthy, I can only imagine how he smelt what with the amount of cigarettes he smoked and butts he carried with him and how little he seemed to go home and actually wash, and I thought his manners and jokes were usually offensively inappropriate.

As such, although I love Frost, I didn't love this one. Secondly, I found myself getting utterly exasperated with the back-stabbing, one-upmanship, self-aggrandisement, hatred, resentment and discord which seemed to be the daily bread and butter of the Denton police. How on earth they ever managed to solve a case is completely beyond me as most characters seemed more interested in themselves than anything else.

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Perhaps I'm naive, but to me, without at least a modicum of teamwork, very little is ever going to be achieved, and I don't think a single character, except perhaps Frost in a few instances, gave a damn about trying to work as a team. As such, it felt unrealistic. I don't deny that politics exists in every organisation I defy anyone to tell me one where it doesn't but this descended into kindergarten playground tactics more often than not. Personally, I think I'll go back to David Jason.

Dec 25, Sandi rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-mystery-thriller-suspense , read The Denton police division is shorthanded after a car crash involving several tipsy policemen so Inspector Frost is called in early from his vacation and has to cope with, among other things, blackmail, dead bodies, and a kidnapper.

I always enjoy the books in this series and while Frost is not the most likable character he does get the job done even if it takes a few tries. Apr 19, Jen rated it really liked it.


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This was a terrific detective novel set in England in the 90s. Definitely creepy, but the humor and wonderfully painted Inspector Jack Frost tempered the heeby-jeebies. I think I will have to lay off crime for a while because it messes with me. If you want a good thrill, check out this series! This novel would have been improved with some serious editing, especially where Frost is being a pervert and he and other characters sexist.

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Set in the s you may expect this, but Wingfield over eggs the pudding and it becomes boring and distracting. The book's saving grace is the plot which has many strands, from murder to child kidnap and shows how the police don't just work one case at a time how overworked and short of man power they can be. There is tension between various police officers This novel would have been improved with some serious editing, especially where Frost is being a pervert and he and other characters sexist.

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There is tension between various police officers and departments and I kept asking, why don't they work together? Gritty in tone it shows there are more ways to get results than by the book, as a character Frost isn't likable but that doesn't mean he isn't developed. Dec 24, Thejelman rated it really liked it. In this story our crumpled hero as is usual finds himself in the middle of a raft of difficult cases and on this occasion has not one but two junior colleagues who are antagonistic towards him.

And then there is Mullett… More grim material handled with a light touch as always by Wingfield. Jul 20, P. Gregory rated it it was amazing. I agree better than the TV adaptions of frost and I now see why David Jason was so enjoyable to watch on the small screen. The plot, coincidences, red herrings and dialogue are all superb.

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Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed this! Frost is sexist who tells awful jokes of dubious taste. He smokes like a chimney and has little regard for authority. Jul 02, Nick rated it it was amazing. Truly excellent.

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May 04, Kay Bowen rated it really liked it. Far from cozy and very non-PC but compelling and funny. Jan 30, Atsuko Matsumoto rated it it was amazing. This novel is so well written that I couldn't sleep. Frost makes me laugh with "Oh? Sep 06, Julian rated it it was amazing Shelves: audio. Best of the series by far. A lot of different cases going at the same time, lots of twists, cleaver criminals and an excellent ending.

Mar 04, Colleen rated it really liked it. Love all the Frost novels! Feb 20, Madonna rated it really liked it. While I still liked this edition to the series, I didn't like it as much as the first one. Much of why I like this series was present in this book, but I felt the forward motion of this plot was dragging in places; the investigation of the missing boy was too involved for me. I don't like plots with children in danger, so not to find him "soon," made me anxious and upset.

And, in Frost books, the resolution of the case could go either way--the boy is found alive or dead. So, the delay in learnin While I still liked this edition to the series, I didn't like it as much as the first one. So, the delay in learning about the child was too long for me. I liked the device of the new cop du jour, and in this book there are 2 new cops to Denton District.

One, Cassidy, has a history with Frost; he feels Frost botched the investigation of his daughter's death years earlier when she was hit by a car. Of course, I knew that while Frost frequently takes the long way around the main investigation, he never truly botches it since he does solve it. So I was waiting for the "rest of the story" on that one. And, since she was hit by a car near the casino, I wondered what she was doing there in the first place; didn't her dad want to know that, too?

That subplot is resolved and Wingfield does a nice job of changing the tone in Cassidy's attitude towards Frost. The other cop du jour is female this time. A nice touch since that allows Wingfield to keep that device fresh. She seems to be like Cassidy in her attitude towards Frost but also like Frost in her willingness to be different: listen to whims, instincts, and other possibilities. This cop du jour serves as Frost's foil, and I like how the different foils allow the author to explore and reveal Frost's character.

A great device.

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I also enjoy Wingfield's writing. His poetic descriptions are also here; seem to be about nature--the cold and wind--mostly, but I was reading this in winter, so the descriptions fit. Frost's crude comments seemed wearing this time; I didn't need them since I knew what he was like from the first book and they seemed overdone to me. But, I guess that's part of his character, so I need to skip them to get to the good stuff, and I feel the good stuff is worth that.

Feb 20, Jennifer rated it liked it. Apr 03, Paul rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anyone who enjoys gently humourous crime. Hard Frost by R. Often his successes are hijacked by his fellow detectives, but Frost seems unconcerned, most likely because it saves him from having to do the paperwork. This he does with his usual sangfroid.