Handbook of Physics

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An important learning tool for the student, an invaluable reference for the professional. In Physics Handbook you can quickly locate any data and formulae you need. The tables in the eighth edition comprise extensive nuclear data, including binding energy, half-life, fission product yields, cross-sections, decay modes, and decay energies of numerous nuclides.

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Handbook of Physics

Principles of Concurrent and d Software today is inherently concurrent or distributed — from event-based GUI designs to operating and real-time systems to Internet applications. The new edition of this classic introduction to concurrency has been completely revised in view of the growing importance of concurrency constructs embedded in programming languages and of formal methods such as model checking that are widely used in industry.

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Physics Handbook - for Science

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Handbook of Physics. Reference work.

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Front Matter Pages i-xxii. Pages Rigid bodies. Gravitation and the theory of relativity. Mechanics of continuous media.

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Nonlinear dynamics, chaos and fractals. Tables on mechanics. Tables on vibrations, waves, acoustics and optics. Charges and currents.

see url Electric and magnetic fields. Applications in electrical engineering. Current conduction in liquids, gases and vacuum.

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Plasma physics. Tables on electricity.

Equilibrium and state variables.