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Another important theme is the hidden person inside every person — the braver, crueller, more devious, kinder or simply stranger person that lives inside everyone and surfaces under dire circumstances. Wilfred from "" calls his murderous half "The Conniving Man," thus avoiding complete responsibility for his crimes. Having discovered her husband's secret, Darcy from "A Good Marriage" discovers that she can keep secrets as well.

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These and other themes and motifs — including violence against women and the burden of keeping secrets — tie the quartet together. Worse, he turns his son against his mother and makes him an accessory to the crime. As the years after the murder unravel in a host of unforeseen events — including rat infestation, teen pregnancy, and the Great Depression — Wilfred loses his son, the farm he killed for and eventually his sanity.

It is also the most carefully constructed and the only one told in first person voice.


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Haunted by guilt, Wilfred comes to believe the ghost of his wife Arlette is actually haunting him. He even loses his confession in a bitterly ironic, O.

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Henry ending: penning the confession before his suicide, Wilfred hallucinates that rats are biting him and dies by chewing his own wrists open. He also chews up the confession. For instance, when Wilfred tells the sheriff his wife ran off, the sheriff advises him to beat some obedience into her if she comes back. He even offers to help.

In "Misery," Annie Wilkes says that all people are rats in traps; she later imprisons Paul Sheldon in her rat-infested basement. Cozy mystery writer Tess takes a shortcut home from a book signing and blows a tire on a trap. When Tess wakes to find herself lying next to the rotting skeletons of his other victims, she knows she has to do something.

Summary and Review Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

She wants to take him down herself. And because she writes murder mysteries, she knows how to kill and not get caught…. The rape of Tess, while not explicitly described, is still brutal. Her mental state and days of recovery afterward are equally agonizing. However, this story is also strangely cathartic. Dave Streeter is dying of cancer while his best friend Tom Goodhugh lives the successful high life with the girl he stole back in high school. However, it takes us to the basest level of human nature with a protagonist desperate enough to strike a deal with the Devil.

Part of the humor of the tale is that, like other classic deal-with-the-Devil stories like "Faust," "The Devil and Tom Walker" and "The Devil and Daniel Webster," you keep waiting for the protagonist to show some remorse, or at least fear for his immortal soul. Further investigation finds a hidey-hole with the I. Can she expose him and ruin her family? This makes the shattering of her world — and her faith in her husband — all the more shocking. Almost all his novels are lessons in scenic form, and at the occasional moments when the stories take a sidestep into absurdity or the author gets lost in his own folky trouvailles, the pure form of the novel is usually sufficient to keep you reading.

Form, for King, begins at a very basic level: it consists of hooking one paragraph into another and one chapter into the next.

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This writer came out of suspense novelism and if he has anything to do with it, you sense, the reader will never forget it. Another of the prime pleasures of reading King is his ear for language. Even when there are serious points to make — particularly then, in fact — he does so with this kind of relish. And from language, King builds character. In it, Wilfred James, a Nebraska homesteader, connives with his son to slaughter his nagging wife over a land deal: but dumping the body down a well and hushing things up with the sheriff are only the beginning.

Whether readers get on with it or not will depend on their tolerance for this kind of Tales from the Cryptery.

Full Dark, No Stars

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"Full Dark, No Stars" showcases the many personalities of the pop fiction icon. It isn't pretty

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