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Women do expect us rightly so to reign in our urges by force of will. And why can't we? Are we not thinking beings? That said, my partner has told me, quite clearly, that the simple act of me having sex with another woman is not the incredible betrayal that me getting emotionally involved with another woman would be. Does that give me free reign to shag as many as I can, provided I always go home for dinner? The thinking part of me declares it does not. And frankly, where the fuck are morals? He turns 50 this year. Should I believe him when he says he'll never do it again?

All you have is the balance in your ressources in mind, money and time to make mistakes and survive mistakes as lies. Why should am women believe the words of a man? Every time when a partnership is gone, you beginn at a higher level the same play; are you wiser now? Yes AI, yes we do. Sheer force of will. How can you justify it being practical to have open partnering for men? Practical for the male perhaps, as he would have free reign to spread his progeny thru out the local hotties without coming home to an irate spouse. Without a doubt, most men would NOT permit their female partners the same freedom.

Time to live beyond the evolution of our species and the primate breeding tendencies we still have hiding in the deep end of the gene pool. Maybe women give men too much respect on the evolutionary ladder and we should demote them to something a little closer to the Bonobo.

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The idea that in nature in general, OR in the not-so-distant past of human history, all males had access to sex with multiple partners in a year-round free-for-all is pure fiction and has nothing to do with sound scientific studies. While it is probably true that the males of most species would aim to be as genetically successful as possible, we can clearly see in many species "social" rules at work that effect "responsible behavior" on the part of the male toward the female and the offspring.

Where the male is not contributing to the raising of the offspring, there are social groups in place in most higher-developed mammals in which mothers receive support and protection. Many other behaviors in fact prevent the production of too many young ones that the group cannot successfully raise. Take wolves for example: alpha couple, and only alpha couple, copulates and has pups, everyone else in the pack contributes to raising them. The cost and investment of raising a human child is today much higher than it has ever been before. That strikes me not only as unfair but also as illogical and in contradiction to recognized research on animal behavior.

Anon-"The cost and investment of raising a human child is today much higher than it has ever been before. Very well said. Societal evolution human is something that can be viewed within individual life times and within recorded history. Our current formulation today is not the same as it was millenia ago. Expecting to "gift horse" one sex of a society with carte blanche to indulge in intercourse where the mood strikes is ludicrous. It should be noted, the male desire for multiple partners was for propagating as many offspring as possible.

Todays males have little wish or need to do that. They have no desire for the costs and cares to support a multitude of random offspring, as Anon noted, so as the desire for a plethora a children was negated so can the "need" to dip the wick in any female that looks interesting. I'm on the road at the moment, so I won't be able to respond in any depth for a few days, but these are all excellent comments.

Not to say that I agree with all the points made, but they're provocative, informed opinions being expressed here. I'm honored by the calibre of my readers. Thanks to all of you. He then says "Its your fault I lost my kids, if you had just kept up the pretense, all would be fine". But it wasnt fine, time with the other became les and less. Now that secret is out, he still is denying all to the wife he is keeping the girlfriend at arms length. Should the girlfriend feel to blame for husbands rejection? Please I need some insight here. Staying true and faithful to a spouse is a choice.

It Is a persons fault if they, he or she, makes a choice to betray a spouse. Fault is not to be placed on the spouse, no matter what. It seems to me wishful thinking on the part of men to believe that men crave variety in their sexual partners, but women don't need it. Is this form of evolutionary psych is just an attempt to justify the old double standard, where it's natural and normal for men to cheat, but wrong and shameful for women to do it? Women cheat, too.

Women fantasize about a variety of sexual partners, not just sexual acts. In this and so many ways, men and women are more alike than different.

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There's a lot more variability within the sexes than there is between them. I agree with a lot of the comments made already. As stated, we are able to override our biological impulses in many other cases, why should there be a free pass on this one? My idea of cheating has always been that something isn't right in the relationship, something is lacking communication, etc.

Recently my own partner was severely tempted and almost followed through on an affair and later said "It would never have happened if we weren't in a long distance relationship. The point I'm making is that even in the perhaps "perfect" set-up to be lured into cheating, the capacity to overcome that drive is always there. He also stated "When I thought about why I would do this, and if it was worth it I realized that it would be a horrible mistake because I love you. It was stupid, because there is simply nothing wrong with you Relationships are not wholly about having children, hopefully perhaps idealistically they're about the mutual benefits of loving another person.

When entering into a commitment of exclusivity, both partners need to make sacrifices Clearly, the cuckolded female spouse is to blame. Had her expectations been clear-eyed, there simply wouldn't be any problem. She should coordinate her demands upon her husband with reality -- that is, exclude sexual monogamy from what marital fidelity requires of him. Face it: men, far more frequently than women, can love their wives to the fullest extent while having extra-marital sexual relations. While perhaps true in some cases, I'd like to bring up the fact that a drawn out affair will undoubtedly lead to emotional attachment.

Furthermore, the big question here is "How many women are willing to share their husbands?

A Woman Betrayed

A female has a tendency to copulate with a male with the strongest genes when she is fertile. She will also exchange sex for food, protection - non-agression. Will human males accept these biological inclinations as easily as their own need to "spread their seed" and one for variety?

The fear of female infidelity made men paranoid and women limited and controlled. We understand this. Our culture has however, a different attitude toward male infidelity. We are told, like in this article that it is natural, almost neccesary. He gets bored, which excuses everything. One night stand might bring some relief. And some STDs. What if a mother feels bored or isolated? Why do we have higher expectations? And the poor home wrecker! I agree that prime responsibility for infidelity lies with the marriage partners.

To have it they had to deprive someone else. None of them seemed to understand it. They portrayed themselves as victims, instead. What if there are no children? Could we live like bonobos? If both parties agree and understand what they agree to why not.

But, then, why marry at all? If men want to be polygamous they shouldn't get married, end of story. That way they can screw around as much as they want without hurting women who want faithful husbands and could be with better men. Men shouldn't take advantage of women just to get access to the comfort and stability of a shared home life or vice versa. Don't marry just to get somebody who will cook and clean or warm the bed. If you can't take the monotony, don't promise monogamy.

Do everyone a favor and stay in bachelor mode until you are too old to chase women. So very very true.


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Trying to sell the "I can have my cake and eat it to", is so ignorant to intelligent women who want a faithful partner. I dont think its so mucht he fact that men want a variety of women. Women find a variety of men acctractive also, and women cheat and some women sleep around too. I think where men goes wrong is with ther intentions- if they dont intend to be faithful to one, they must make this clear to all women. Men cant have it both ways- they either want to be with a number of women, or they want one.

Whenever I read this type of thing, I'm amazed at how people will drop romantic love and committment like a hot potato. I like those things, and I like sex, but I find treating sex simply like biological input to be pretty sad. We're human beings and we can do much better for ourselves as well as our spouses. And so what if we don't want to marry?

That's not you, right?

It's funny how many people have pointed out that marriage is an institution that men made up to assuage their fears about female infidelity - so why are we acting like it's something women do to men? Be a Man! It's a sign of character and just how "Bad" your "bad self" really is if you can LIVE your commitments and not look for a weasel every time some cure doll in short skirt turns your head. You entered into a contract of some sort with your mate when you decided to travel together. I'm a man twice married, over sixty - so I speak from my own experience here I "cheated" in my first marriage That said, the plot turns out to be more layered than you might expect - usually it's a heroine and a bad guy, two characters interacting in a manner supposed to generate tension and thrills.

Here we have 5 or 6 characters interwoven in a way that keeps your interest. The female lead's performance improves after the first 10 minutes and Natalia Cigliuti, playing a central character, proves herself to be a first rate actor not actress - why call a female actor an "actress"? I was quite surprised to find myself fully engaged with the story.

The other reviewers are right: the ending is a total bust - trite, unimaginative, implausible - as if the writer couldn't come up with a conclusion as interesting as the plot. As usual, the heroine cannot be left without a romantic prospect in Lifetime, so the story had to written with a character who could perform that function in the final seconds of the movie. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

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Women betrayed by love and men by sex

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What we do know is that he allowed her to completely run the show while he developed his contemptible secret life. There are other complex characters in this book. To say more would spoil this story which is dependent on surprise for some of its appeal. A Woman Betrayed was originally published in and was quite dated even then. Despite the fact that she runs a restaurant, Laura has never had a bank account or a credit card of her own. This reviewer refuses to use the word slut to describe any child under eighteen. When Daphne, the lawyer, began cross-examining the girl about her sexual history, this book came very close to hitting the wall.

But dated and frustrating as it can be, A Woman Betrayed is fun. Would I buy it in hardback? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Buy A Woman Betrayed:. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.