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We are making the following changes to the game:. The amount of Spell Energy given to players who first enter the game has been increased from 25 to Increased the amount of Spell Energy you get from Inns and Greenhouses. Increased the amount of Spell Energy you get from Daily Assignments.

This is good news for two reasons. First, on a basic level, access to more spell energy makes the game more playable. So, on that level, it's nice to see,. And yet, I can't help but feel like it's not nearly enough. For starters, spell energy upon entering the game is basically a non-entity: you can burn that in a few minutes of play, and after that this change has no effect on gameplay after that.

The spell-check and grammar-check tools included in word processor programs provide valuable proofreading assistance. These programs catch errors so quickly and efficiently that rereading a document yourself for errors may seem unnecessary. However, these automated tools are not perfect. If you know which problems to look for in your word processor's spell- or grammar-check, you can combine them with your own editing to create more polished work.

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A spell-check program might recognize some, but not all, proper nouns, abbreviations or technical terms, and may try to change such words. Like spell-check, grammar-check software uses a limited set of rules and definitions when checking sentence structure. You may have struggled with spelling from a very young age but it can be the common and high frequency words like here , they , and of that are most problematic.

Also note that people with dyslexia may have a hard time spotting errors when proofreading their own writing. Homonyms or words that sound the same but are spelled differently, such as bear and bare might be particularly challenging, as can be words of foreign origin such as people and place names. Have a look at our posts on adult dyslexia , adult dyspraxia , undiagnosed learning differences in adults and adult ADD to learn more.

There are online screening tests available for many learning differences.

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These come in the form of brief surveys that will ask you to perform certain tasks and answer multiple choice questions then tell you if it is a possibility that you are struggling with a learning difference. Based on the results of the screening you may or may not want to pursue more in-depth and diagnostic testing. Learn more about how testing for dyslexia works. The Touch-type Read and Spell course is a typing program that was originally designed to help individuals with dyslexia improve their literacy skills by learning to type in a unique, multi-sensory way that also strengthens reading and spelling skills.

However, it can work for anyone who struggles with spelling regardless of whether or not you have a learning difference. The method uses a specific order and set of words.

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  5. You see them, you hear them and you type them. Through repetition, this approach helps your brain store the words in long term memory. Learning to touch-type also bypasses language difficulties in the brain by turning the spelling into a series of keystrokes, so you can spell in the same way as you would swing a bat or dial a phone number. Learn more.

    How Ginger can help people with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties

    Taking a course is a great way to boost your confidence. TTRS divides the lessons into short, easy to complete modules so you can do a little at a time and build momentum gradually, even with a busy schedule. Touch-type Read and Spell gives children and adults a chance to boost their spelling and reading in a fun way, by learning to type. View the discussion thread. Maria used to type with two-fingers, slowly and often inaccurately. Now she types faster, with fewer errors, more competently and professionally. This has boosted her confidence in the workplace tremendously.

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    She now recognises individual sounds in words much better, due to the auditory aspect of the multi-sensory approach in TTRS. Her vocabulary has noticeably improved and she has found she can explain things and express herself more clearly in English after completing the course. At Bolton College we offer the TTRS course to self-study adult learners who have returned to education to improve their spelling, increase their familiarity with technology, and use word processors.

    In contrast, Touch-type Read and Spell provides a rewarding and positive experience for them when it comes to spelling. Did you now touch-typing can help individuals with learning difficulties develop stronger spelling, reading and writing skills? Learn more in these posts: Spelling for adults , Spelling strategies for dyslexia , Developing spelling skills What kind of spelling mistakes are common?

    Spelling a word how it sounds In theory, all languages should have a one to one mapping system in which every sound is represented by just one letter. Mixing up words that only differ by a handful of letters Our brain does its best to sort and store language effectively but it can get confused when processing words that have close orthographic, phonological, or semantic neighbors. Getting a word ending wrong In English, words are built out of a stem and then have bits added on to their start and end in order to change the meaning or serve some grammatical function.

    Struggling with proper nouns and words of foreign origin Your brain draws its own conclusions about which sounds and letter combinations are acceptable in English based on commonalities between all of the words in your vocabulary. What can you do to spell better?

    How do you know if you need help? Touch-type Read and Spell The Touch-type Read and Spell course is a typing program that was originally designed to help individuals with dyslexia improve their literacy skills by learning to type in a unique, multi-sensory way that also strengthens reading and spelling skills. Learn more Taking a course is a great way to boost your confidence. Blog Tags:.

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    Adult Education. Did you know learning to touch-type can make you a better speller? Be the best you can be with TTRS!